Cafeteria Plans: Get a New Smile for Less!
Cafeteria Plan

Cafeteria Plans: Get a New Smile for Less!

Need to pay for braces? Ask your manager or Human Resources Department about a Cafeteria Plan, also known as a flexible spending plan. It’s an uncommon but practical benefit that lets you take control of your health care spending!

How Does It Work?

A Cafeteria Plan gives you the opportunity to use pre-tax dollars for medical benefits, which reduces your taxable salary and increases your percentage of take-home pay, giving you more spendable income! That extra money could go a long way in providing a beautiful smile for you and your family.

Cafeteria Plans also offer increased deductions for dependent care expenses and help to offset insurance increases in premiums, co-pays, and deductibles. Orthodontics is listed as one of the medical benefits, so you could save pre-tax money (both state and federal) to pay for braces!

If you’re able to sign up, there may be an enrollment period, so contact your manager or HR Department right away. Then, contact our office, and we will help you take advantage this free benefit! [417] 625-1114.


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