Uncommon results

Are you concerned about the cost of orthodontics? At Uncommon, we think everyone should be proud to smile, and we promise to help you achieve that goal! First of all, we produce big, beautiful smiles with healthy bites that work well and fit each unique face. Typically, our patients go without early (phase one) treatment or tooth removal. We promise to provide the highest level of care in orthodontics possible.

After the braces come off, you must keep the teeth stable. That’s why we offer our Retainer Replacement Program. This program helps parents and patients easily replace or repair lost or damaged retainers. As a result, this keeps the cost of braces and retainers reasonable. Braces are an important investment, so we want to help you protect that investment for life.

The traditional partnership with the family dentist is a treasured relationship. Therefore, we make this a top priority as well. We promise to stay in direct contact with your dentist to send you back for needed services that arise. We will also refer you to a new family dentist if you don’t have one. Our staff will aggressively encourage excellent hygiene throughout your orthodontic experience as well. Because keeping up with dental hygiene is so crucial, Uncommon Orthodontics will never put braces on patients who are not current with their cleaning appointments.

UNCOMMON scheduling

Finally, our staff values the time you have dedicated to your orthodontic appointment. Typically, we run early or on-time for each scheduled visit, so we ask that you honor our time too by keeping your scheduled appointment. If you need to, reschedule within 24 hours and arrive on time for your appointment. Also, please report any scheduling conflicts. This way we can change or adjust your appointment time to best serve you and our other patients. We like a “no surprises” atmosphere, and we think you will, too!

Uncommon affordability

We want everyone to have the opportunity to get their best smile and not worry about the cost of braces, so we make financial arrangements as accessible as possible.

Uncommon safety & security

  • In-house tornado shelter
  • Qualified safety training (all team members CPR certified)
  • Automated external defibrillator (AED) available for emergency community use

Uncommon customer service

  • After-hours emergency calls
  • The “New Patient Welcome”

Uncommon collaboration

  • Two experienced orthodontists with similar treatment philosophies
  • Team members assigned to highlight their individual strengths
  • “The right person for the right job at the right time” motto to serve patients well