Head for the Shelter Tornado Safety

Head for the Shelter!

After the Joplin tornado, many more businesses and homes installed a storm shelter for the safety of their clients and families. We also thought it was important to have a tornado shelter when we built out the space for Uncommon Orthodontics! However, we took a lesson from the school system and started having tornado drills (check out a video of one of our recent drills.)

We did not stop there though…we also use our shelter for Intruder Safety drills! It is important to us that our patients feel an uncommon level of safety and security when they are with us, whether from weather-related issues or from the unlikely event of a potentially violent or dangerous situation. We have a team member who is our designated safety officer and who is responsible for enforcing our safety protocols for these possibilities. You can be confident that we are “on it” for your safety and security!

A New Year…. A Second Chance!

Did you visit Uncommon Orthodontics in the last couple of years and receive a diagnosis and treatment-plan...and yet decided NOT to go ahead with treatment? Maybe you were hoping to get some assistance from family members or insurance and that didn't happen for you. Maybe the timing was just wrong, with other demands on your finances or the Holidays.

Whatever the reason, WE have decided to give you another reason to go ahead with braces... we are offering you the full $378 records discount that you LOST when you originally declined - as long as you sign a contract by Friday, April 29, 2016. That gives you the Whole first quarter of the New Year to figure out how you can budget the $189/month fee and act on this second chance to save. Remember, we always have a no down-payment policy and an UNCOMMON promise of "no surprises" during your treatment!

Let's face it: your smile WILL NOT get better on its own, and most ofter will even get worse over time. Why not make your beautiful and healthy NEW smile a priority for 2016? Call (417)625-1114 and make an appointment today to take advantage of this second chance to save!

Uncommon Orthodontics reminder to use your benefits this year

It’s not a Buffet…It’s a Cafeteria!

If you work for a company that provides you any benefits at all, ask your manager or Human Resources Department if you can have a cafeteria plan [a.k.a. Flexible Spending Plan.] Under Section 125 of the IRS code, a cafeteria plan gives employees power in determining how their health care benefits are used.

Cafeteria plans, also called flexible spending plans, are some of the most overlooked and under used employee benefits…in part because they do not generate significant profits for the plan administering companies, so they are not publicized as much as the standard insurance offerings. There may be an enrollment period, usually at the beginning of each calendar year and you get to decide how your health care dollars will be spent. So, you need to call your HR connection right away.

Important advantages for employees include the opportunity to use pre-tax dollars for medical benefits, thus reducing taxable salary, increasing percentage of take-home pay and having more spendable income. They also offer increased deductions for dependent care expenses and cushion the blow from insurance increases in premiums, co-pays and deductibles.

One of the listed medical benefits under Section 125 is orthodontics, so you could get some help with pre-tax money (both state and federal) in paying for braces! When you think about it, orthodontics is one of the few medical expenses that have a predictable amount for annual expenditure. That would go a long way in providing that beautiful smile for you, your spouse or your children, and would certainly be an uncommon way to pay for orthodontic treatment!

Ask your HR representative today whether your company provides a Cafeteria Plan and then for their help with the rules and regulations your company might have. After you do that, call us and we will tell you how to maximize this free benefit. [417] 625-1114.


New Years Resolution: Smile

Some Common New Year’s Resolutions…

An UNCOMMON way to keep at least one of them!

Every year at this time, we begin to reflect on the year that is almost over and set goals for the new one to come. Fresh starts are great, and after the parties and the Holiday treats, many of us look forward to a fresh start! Suddenly the checking account doesn't look so good and the clothes are fitting tighter... brother, it is time for change!

Here are some common New Year's Resolutions:

  1. Lose Weight & Exercise
  2. Exercise
  3. Spend more time with family
  4. Quit Smoking
  5. Take better care of myself
  6. Save more money
  7. Fix my smile
  8. Learn something new
  9. Set goals for work/school
  10. Get organized

Now, we can't help you with all of them, but together we could mark at least one of them off the list! We can make acquiring a beautiful new smile more easy and affordable than you might ever have imagined. Why not let Uncommon Orthodontics help you with a new smile for 2016? You'll probably feel so good about yourself that you may even conquer the other nine!

This New Year, for a limited time, we are offering our 2015 fees in 2016! That’s right. :-) You can SAVE $378 on braces PLUS get a Free consultation and Free X-rays.

Call today to receive your New Year’s gift that really is UNCOMMON.


Uncommon Orthodontics Facebook likes

Thank You for Your Uncommon “Likes”

We are proud to announce that we have passed 3000 “likes” and “check-ins” on our Uncommon Facebook page…after opening our doors a little more than a year ago! WOW!!! You are amazing and we thank you all so very much!


We are so thankful for your trust and the confidence that you continue to show in us. We promise to continue caring for you with “uncommon” excellence, and ask that you would:


  • “Like” us on Facebook if you have not done so yet
  • Always “check in” on Facebook when you are at the office
  • Share your experience with your friends (and earn BIG rewards for referrals in with #TheExtraSmile program
  • If you have been thinking about braces, give us a call! We would be honored to serve you. (Schedule your appointment here – or call us at 417-625-1114.)


Once again, thank you for giving us the chance to serve you! You make US smile! #uncommonsmiles


#TheExtraSmile share braces with your friends

Thinking Back….Pressing Forward


The holiday season is upon us, and we can’t help but be nostalgic about the year that is about to end! This year has seen many blessings as well as its share of challenges, but through it all, we are so grateful for our team, our community and YOU! It is a tremendous honor for you to trust your orthodontic care and your SMILE with us, and we do not take that trust lightly!


One way we show our appreciation to you is with our referral rewards. Did you know that we give referral credit to patients and parents who refer new patients to us? We are happy to credit one monthly payment on your current account [or give a $75 gift card to those who have already completed payments] for each patient you refer who begins treatment.


For those of you who want to take it a step further, #TheExtraSmile is a program at Uncommon Orthodontics to encourage those of you who are going #TheExtraSmile to share their #UncommonSmiles with the other people in their lives. We’d love to see someone pay for treatment completely through referral credits!


If this sounds good to you, join #TheExtraSmile Facebook group or email info@uncommonortho.com and let us know you’d like to join #TheExtraSmile. We’ll invite you to join a private Facebook group where we will share ideas, celebrate successes and brainstorm together ways to meet the challenge of free treatment through referrals! Active participation in the Facebook group will earn extra perks, too!


We hope you savor the sights, sounds and flavors of the season! Looking forward, we are ready to help you earn referral rewards while we shape your uncommon smile!



Meet the Uncommon Team: Amanda

Meet the Uncommon Team: Amanda

  1. What is your role at Uncommon Orthodontics?
    My role at Uncommon Orthodontics is Administrative Assistant and New Patient Coordinator.
  2. What is your favorite part about working for Dr. P & Uncommon Orthodontics?
    My favorite part about working for Dr. P and Uncommon Orthodontics is the way they make you feel like a family & acknowledge the hard work everyone does for our patients every day.
  3. Have you ever had braces? If so, how old were you?
    I have braces right now! I am 29!
  4. What is one thing that not many people know about you?
    One thing that not many people know about me is that I am obsessed with prison documentaries!   
  5. If you could have any celebrity be a patient of Uncommon Orthodontics who would you want it to be?
    If I could have any celebrity as a patient of Uncommon Orthodontics it would have to be Karen Fairchild from Little Big Town, she has some lower crowding that could be fixed :)   
  6. Do you have any pets? If so, what are they and what are their names? If not, what pet would you like to have?
    I do not have any pets but I would love to have a pot-belly pig!
  7. What job could you never do?
    I could never be a brain surgeon, that’s serious Science! 
  8. What is the last movie you watched?
    The last movie I watched was Insurgent, very good series!
  9. What celebrity has the best teeth?
    The celebrity with the best teeth is Jessica Alba
  10. What do you love about the Joplin area?
    Joplin has so much that I love, the community is very close and you can feel it when you visit! I love all the restaurants in the area as well as the shopping and the Starbucks at almost every corner!  
Uncommon Orthodontics SmileSync

Uncommon Introduces SmileSync



…an uncommon approach to helping patients restore their smile again after a previous “out of control” orthodontic treatment.

Let’s face it: there are patients who are satisfied with and grateful for their new smile, but as the years roll by, they may become complacent, forgetful or just plain lazy about wearing their retainers. Sometimes the teeth will relapse a bit and the retainers will no longer fit. Often the retainers have been lost and forgotten…but our smileSYNC can get those smiles back in shape faster than you might imagine. For a relatively modest fee, patients can regain that self-confidence that comes from a great smile, protect their investment and restore the teeth and the bite to a healthy place than can be maintained, once again, with retainers.

Be sure you realize that smileSYNC is not a substitute for full orthodontic treatment; rather it is like a “reboot” for your teeth to once again come into alignment. You may be eligible whether you have had braces from your family dentist or another orthodontist. Be sure you are current with any cleanings or fillings, etc. that your family dentist has recommended. Check out your options for smileSYNC with us and remember: there is no charge for your initial evaluation appointment, only if you choose to proceed. Call us today or click here for an appointment!

Uncommon Orthodontics SmileStar Voting

Uncommon Orthodontics SmileStar Voting

The Uncommon Orthodontics team is so excited for such a great group of SmileStar nominees! We would like to thank everyone who submitted their nomination for this year’s SmileStar contest!


The Top 30 have been selected and voting starts today, August 31st. We invite you to submit your vote for up to 8 SmileStars! Click HERE to cast your vote and make sure to share the link with others! We want the Uncommon Orthodontics SmileStars to best represent Joplin and the surrounding areas.


If your smile is not part of this year’s Top 30, we encourage you to try again on our next run of SmileStar! It was very tough for our panel to narrow down all the beautiful #UncommonSmiles to only 30!


Voting will end on October 9th and the winners will be announced the following week!

Uncommon Team McKinzy

Meet the Uncommon Team: McKinzy

  1. What is your role at Uncommon Orthodontics?
    New Patient Coordinator
  2. What is your favorite part about working for Dr. P & Uncommon Orthodontics? I absolutely love my team and have learned so much from working here. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to work with Dr. P yet, But I look forward to doing so!
  3. Have you ever had braces? If so, how old were you?
  4. What is one thing that not many people know about you?
    I am an obsessive cleaner!
  5. If you could have any celebrity be a patient of Uncommon Orthodontics who would you want it to be?
    I don't know :-)
  6. Do you have any pets? If so, what are they and what are their names? If not, what pet would you like to have?
    I have two dogs: Khaos and Luna.
  7. What job could you never do?
    I could never work in a funeral home!
  8. What is the last movie you watched?
    Elmo Musical with my 2 year old son.
  9. What celebrity has the best teeth?
    Jennifer Anniston
  10. What do you love about the Joplin area?
    It is very relaxing and welcoming!