We Are Temporarily Closed During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Out of an abundance of caution and for the safety of our staff and our trusted patients, at the recommendation of the state health department we are temporarily closing our clinics effective March 23, 2020 until further notice. Should you have an urgent situation or need to reschedule your appointment, please contact us at 501-302-0834. If you have a medical emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we ask that everyone do their part in helping halt the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus. Stay safe and healthy, we will be back to make you smile again soon.

We will continue to post updates at the following link www.rockdentalbrands.com/covid19

Uncommonly Common: Avoid Orthodontic Emergencies

Protecting Uncommon Smiles

Orthodontic emergencies can happen when you least expect it during meals or playing sports. This can include anything from severe pain to broken appliances. At Uncommon Orthodontics, we compiled some strategies to help you fix common problems and protect your uncommon smile.

Keep Teeth Clean.

To keep your smile in great shape, it’s important to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout orthodontic treatment. Be sure to brush twice a day, preferably after every meal, and floss every night. If food gets trapped, plaque can form around your braces and teeth, leading to gum disease. To ensure your smile is beautiful when the braces come off, practice good oral hygiene every day. You should also continue to see your general dentist every six months.

Watch What You Eat.

Eating sticky, chewy, crunchy, and hard foods can damage your braces, possibly lengthening your treatment time and increasing costs. We recommend that patients try to eat soft foods and take smaller bites. If your brackets or wires break, call our office immediately to schedule a repair appointment. Keep in mind that you may incur additional orthodontic fees to replace broken appliances.

Protect Your Teeth.

Always remember your mouthguard! During treatment, you can continue to play sports as normal. However, to protect your teeth and braces, we strongly encourage you to wear a mouthguard. Injuries to the mouth are incredibly common during sports, so it’s better not to risk it even during practice. At your next appointment, let us know if you need a mouthguard. We can help you choose the right one for your uncommon smile.

Call Our Office.

Even if you practice these tips, you may still experience an emergency. If this happens, contact our office immediately! If you leave a broken appliance in place, you risk lengthening your treatment plan and may end up doing even more harm to your teeth.

Keeping your UNCOMMON Smile Safe

Mouthguards: Keeping Your Uncommon Smile Safe

Mouthguards protect your orthodontic appliances as well as your teeth, gums, and jaw from injury. If you play sports or participate in activities that may cause injury to your mouth, Uncommon Orthodontics recommends wearing mouthguards. It’s not worth the risk to your oral health or your braces.

Stay Safe Before, During, and After Treatment

Whether you’re in braces or not, it’s important to keep your teeth protected from injury. An otherwise healthy mouth may require orthodontic treatment after sustaining an injury to the teeth, gums, or jaw.

If you’re currently in treatment, you can also risk damaging your brackets and wires. This may result in an increased treatment length and additional fees, depending on the severity of your injury. The same is true if you’ve finished treatment. You don’t want to risk having to receive additional care later down the road.

Choosing the Right Mouthguard

There are multiple options when it comes to mouthguards. At Uncommon Orthodontics, we can use impressions to match your unique smile for a near-perfect fit. While this is the most expensive option, it provides the best protection and is the most comfortable.

Boil and bite versions are also available, which are made from thermoplastic. Before wearing, you must submerge the mouthguards in hot water to soften the material. Then, when you place it in your mouth, you can adjust the fit to adhere to your teeth.

At your next appointment, we can help you determine which type of mouthguard is right for you.

Uncommon Smiles for Life

Throughout your treatment, we want you to continue to enjoy the activities that you love without compromising your smile or your braces. To ensure successful treatment in the least amount of time and the lowest costs, simply wear a mouthguard! If you would like more information on protecting your teeth, contact our office today.

Head for the Shelter Tornado Safety

Head for the Shelter!

After the Joplin tornado, many more businesses and homes installed a storm shelter for the safety of their clients and families. We also thought it was important to have a tornado shelter when we built out the space for Uncommon Orthodontics! However, we took a lesson from the school system and started having tornado drills (check out a video of one of our recent drills.)

We did not stop there though…we also use our shelter for Intruder Safety drills! It is important to us that our patients feel an uncommon level of safety and security when they are with us, whether from weather-related issues or from the unlikely event of a potentially violent or dangerous situation. We have a team member who is our designated safety officer and who is responsible for enforcing our safety protocols for these possibilities. You can be confident that we are “on it” for your safety and security!

Intruder Safety Training

On Tuesday, November 4 our team participated in an Intruder Safety course taught by Sgt. Matt Partain and designed for the protection of our team, patients and parents. After studying the office and its access, the surrounding area and any potential safety hazards, Sgt. Partain designed a presentation specifically tailored to Uncommon Orthodontics.

Team members learned to identify and diffuse potentially dangerous situations and to confidently deal with escalating or toxic circumstances. Protocols were established for both scenarios and a team member was designated as Safety Officer. The Safety Officer will hold regular meetings, supervise scheduled practices and conduct in-house drills.

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Uncommon Orthodontics is committed to the “well being” of our team, patients and families…and physical protection is no exception. Our EF5 rated storm shelter will serve as both a weather and an intruder safety protection…don’t be too surprised if we hold a drill while you are in the office! In the unlikely event that your safety is compromised by a weather or an intruder related event, you may be confident that “we’ve got a plan for that!”