Whitening Services

Smile Whitening!

When you meet someone for the first time, do you remember their eyes or their smile first? One study reported that 94% of people say that the smile was the most memorable! We know that big, beautiful smiles say a lot about people…their confidence, openness, and the importance given to personal hygiene, just to name a few.

Good news: if you are our patient, you are already taking action toward having that beautiful powerful smile that will serve you for a lifetime! We work together to achieve that goal and when it has been met, you may want to consider whitening your teeth to maximize the impact of that new smile!


Our UNCOMMON patient offer

If your account has been set up in the beginning on “autopay” and remains active throughout your treatment, you will receive a FREE bleaching at the end of treatment. If not, you may purchase one for only $378.00 when the time comes. Both options include the whitening, instructions and the Essix-type retainers that will be used as the bleaching trays.

This offer is only extended to our patients who have finished their braces with us and will in no case be offered to family members or the public in general. Anyone else who is interested in whitening is encouraged to contact the family dentist, who will be happy to assist you with that.

And finally, PS, there is extra value here for our patients. Not only can you get the whitening process for FREE very easily through “autopay”; BUT the Essix-type retainer “whitening trays” are yours and the whitening gel refills are very economical. So, you can keep your new smile straight and very white forever.

Contact Our Office to find out more or set up your Auto Pay today!

Not an Uncommon Patient?

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We love going to the Dentist!

At Uncommon Orthodontics, we love going to the Dentist!

And we bring candy!

Whoever heard of bringing candy to a dental office? Well at Uncommon we say "why not"?

 What better place to deliver sweet treats than to a dental office?  We know that EVERYONE loves sweets, and dental offices provide easy access to toothbrushes and toothpaste. Plus dental offices encourage a culture of good oral health!

If your dental practice serves patients within 37 miles of our Joplin office, you have probably met our Practice Representative, Faith Knight. Faith is a personal link between our office and your practice. That's where the candy comes in. Part of Faith's job is to visit local practices every 6-8 weeks and bring specially prepared treats for the team!

Treats aren't the only thing Faith brings to the office. She also delivers current referral cards, customized for your practice. During her visit, Faith will update you on any upcoming special programs and offers our office offers to benefit your patients. Faith will also keep you up-to-date on the status of patients we have referred to each other.

Faith is our way of sharing the UNCOMMON difference with local dental offices. We understand the importance of good relations between orthodontists and local dentist. We are working together to provide our patients with the healthiest and happiest smile possible.

Sharing an UNCOMMON Goal

Open communication and good relations are essential for the success of our mutual goal, to provide every patient with the best care possible. That is why Faith works  so hard to answers any questions you might have, and provide a link between our practices.

We believe that providing a personal representative is an UNCOMMON way for us to keep in touch with our dental colleagues and ensure the best patient care possible. That's the UNCOMMON difference!

Does Faith visit your office? Contact us today to get on the list!