The most common emergency is when you need to clip a wire. During office hours, you may call us to see when we could schedule you in without compromising the time set aside for our other patients. If you have called ahead, it will only take a few minutes.

If there is a loose band or a broken bond, the time to complete that repair is significantly longer. Please contact us right away to find a time for that repair. DO NOT come to your regular adjustment appointment because we will not have enough time set aside for the repairs and the usual services. Reporting breakage is important for you to keep your treatment schedule on track!

Serious injuries

If there is a more serious injury to your teeth, head, jaws, etc., such as an automobile accident, a blow to the mouth, or the loss of a tooth, call us immediately! If it happens after our normal office hours, our after-hours customer service team member will get in touch with the doctor and he will tell you what to do.

We want to be available and accessible to you. You can access our doctor’s cell phone number under Contact Us, and we encourage you to call if there is a problem.