Referral Bag
We Love the Dental Community

We love the dental community…at every level. Here are some of the ways we show it:

our Practice Representative

First of all, if you are a dental professional in a 37 mile radius of our office, you will receive a visit from our practice representative every 6 – 8 weeks. We will bring individually prepared treats for your team. We will also have updated referral materials for you and any current news or offers that may benefit your patients. Our Practice Representative will serve as a link between your office and ours. You’re welcome to contact us at any time if you have questions or need additional materials.

UCO-Dental Professional Discount Card Art

discounted treatment

If you are a dentist, we are happy to treat you and your family at no charge! Furthermore, if you are a hygienist, hold an administrative position, or are a dental assistant, we gladly give you, your spouse, and your immediate family a beautiful new smile for 50% off. Why? Because helping our colleagues and their families to a beautiful and healthy smile is our favorite way to say thank you to our dental community. Simply bring in an up-to-date letter from your practice so we know where you are working.

hygiene recall letter

In addition, each year we will deliver a “Hygiene Recall Letter” to every dentist we share patients with. This letter contains patient names and contact information. Also, it includes space to mark whether patients are current on their hygiene appointment or need to schedule one.

Plus, dentists can also mark whether they are no longer a patient. Dentists should complete the form and promptly return it to us. Then, we will make sure the patients who are overdue for hygiene call for an appointment. Furthermore, we will also require them to come in to their next appointment with verification that they have taken care of it. Lastly, if they need a dentist, we will certainly make a referral. Ensuring that patients maintain good oral hygiene during their orthodontic treatment is extremely important to us, to the patients, and to their dentists. We appreciate the feedback from the family dentists and feel honored to partner with them!