We will teach you how to care for your braces: how to brush them well, care for your gums, and use tools like the floss threader and the proxy brush to ensure everything is clean.

You should brush often and for a longer period of time (think three times a day for three minutes each time!). Your teeth will look better when the braces come off, and your healthy gums will help the treatment time move faster. Good hygiene is one way we partner with you for your beautiful new smile!

It is very important for you to be responsible for your braces. You must brush your teeth and gums often, protect your braces by avoiding ice and chewy or hard foods, and report any loose or broken bands or bonds to your parents and to us right away!

Regular dental appointments

We also encourage all of our patients to be up to date with their dental hygiene appointments by coordinating with their dentist to make sure our patients are current. We have an uncommon way of coordinating with patients and their dentist: our Oral Hygiene Recall Program. Through this program, our promise is to remain committed to oral hygiene because we know that you need the expertise of your dentist and hygienist especially while you are wearing braces. It’s important to keep up with regular dental appointments to prevent little problems from turning into big problems… and because Uncommon Smiles are healthy smiles.