Kids’ Club: Becoming a Secret Agent

Sometimes young people come in for initial appointments but are not ready to start treatment yet. Maybe they have too many baby teeth, need to do some more growing, are not ready to “do their part” with their orthodontic care or need to wait a bit for financial reasons. For whatever reason, they become “recare” patients.

If the young people are under 10, we invite them to join the “Kids’ Club” and become a Secret Agent! This Kids’ Club is fun-filled way to stay connected to our Uncommon family, earn rewards and learn how to take care of their teeth.

They will receive a packet filled with missions, secret agent files, 3 Kids’ Club referral cards, a “Kids Club Disguise “ tee-shirt and more! If parents sign the consent form, kids can earn additional prizes for completing their missions!

Our patients-in-waiting are very important to us. We know that the Kids’ Club will generate excitement around being part of the Uncommon Orthodontics family. At the same time, it will gently help them develop positive habits to maintain healthy teeth and gums. For more information contact us with any questions and join the fun!

Uncommon Kids Club-Brianna-01