To prepare for your first appointment, here is what to expect:

  1. At your first appointment, we provide an UNCOMMON welcome for the patient and parents.
  2. Parents complete new patient forms on iPads (if not completed online) while patients get digital x-rays and photos taken.
  3. We will escort the patient to the new patient room, where the parent will be waiting.
  4. The new patient specialist goes over the medical and dental history.
  5. The orthodontist comes in, greets the patient and parent, and then performs a thorough initial examination.
  6. The orthodontist explains what the problems are, how to fix them, and how long it should take.
  7. The doctor and the new patient specialist will briefly discuss the fees.
  8. If no cleaning or dental work with the family dentist is necessary, we may be able to begin treatment at this appointment.