your safety matters!

Our well-trained doctor and team will be caring for you from start to finish. And you can be sure they are equipped for any emergency at all times! With CPR training, OSHA compliance, and an in-house tornado shelter, your safety is of the highest importance to us. Of course, your parents are always welcome in the treatment area, too!

We provide CPR training  to our team with the American Heart Association every two years. While we certainly hope they will never need these skills, we want to ensure that each team member has the training and confidence to respond in case of an emergency.

We take OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations very seriously at Uncommon Orthodontics. Our team members complete training by OSHA personnel every year, which is required of all dental professionals. It is our practice to keep sterilization at or above the requirements to make sure our patients have the confidence that our office values safety!

Our commitment to providing a safe place for our patients and their parents is one of our Uncommon Values.