A Sweet Deal

A Sweet Deal

Check out this delicious offer: share your #UncommonSmile with a friend and you both get a sweet reward from Uncommon Orthodontics!

Our Sweet Deal referral program is an opportunity to share your uncommon smile with a friend. So how does it work? It’s easy! Share our referral card, attached to a bag of candy, with a friend who is in need of orthodontic care. When your friend comes in to Uncommon Orthodontics with their Sweet Deals referral card, they will receive a FREE consultation, FREE records and a FREE shirt! And what are you getting out of this Sweet Deal? A FREE month’s payment when your friend signs up! Now doesn’t that sound like a delicious opportunity? Call or stop by the office to get started today!

We Want You to Smile

We Want You to Smile!

Where has the time gone? Another year has passed and once again we all find ourselves in the midst of tax season. That means that for many people, mailboxes and bank accounts are beginning to see those tax refunds. Yippee! A tax refund can feel like a much needed gift, bonus or jackpot win… whether a small or large amount, you suddenly have a bump in your budget, and an opportunity to invest in your future!

Before you go off and spend that extra cash, stop and consider our uncommonly brilliant idea for your 2017 tax returns. Use it to get that dazzling smile you’ve always wanted!

Just like using your insurance coverage to decrease your monthly payments, you can use your tax refund [and possibly health insurance coverage] to make your monthly orthodontic payments more affordable. To help you out even more, we are offering 2016 pricing for all patients who get their new smile started before April 2017! That means that those of you who put off braces last year can still get your new smile for 2016 prices… a $388 saving!

As always, our policy is ZERO down payment, ZERO interest, ZERO financing fees and ZERO credit check and we promise that will not change. While we never ask for a down payment, using your tax refund to reduce your monthly payments (especially when combining that with insurance payments) is a smart way to stretch your budget AND have the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always wanted! Call us today: 417-625-1114 to schedule your appointment! Don’t put it off any longer, make 2017 the year you get that smile you’ve been longing to have!

And, remember that your workplace may have a “flexible spending plan” that you can use too.

Oral Hygiene Recall Program

At Uncommon Orthodontics, exceptional patient care is important to us. You may expect something a little “outside the box” from us to ensure our patients get the very best care possible. With that in mind, we will be providing a very unusual approach for patient care, something so uncommon that, as far as we know, is unique to us!

If you are a current patient with Uncommon Orthodontics, during the months of February and March your family dentist will receive our annual “Hygiene Recall Letter” from us. It contains your contact information and a place for your dentist to respond about your current hygiene checkups.

Partnering with your dentist

This may seem like an uncommon practice for an orthodontic office to provide, but as your dentist knows, it is crucial to the health of your smile. You see, sometimes patients confuse their orthodontic visits with their dental exams and begin “skipping” their biannual hygiene appointments. And while we always hold high standards for brushing excellence, we do not provide routine dental exams at each appointment.

For the healthiest smile possible, you need the expertise of your dentist to make certain little routine issues do not become big problems! By interacting with your current dentist, we are doing our part to ensure that when those braces finally come off, the teeth underneath will be vibrant and healthy so you can proudly show off that smile we’ve all been working so hard to see!

The annual recall letter is just another example of how we go “above and beyond” to serve you and ensure you receive the very best care we can offer. Your dentist, hygienist and your friends at Uncommon Orthodontics care about your smile and we happily partner together to make sure you are well served.

Dentist Hygienist - Dental Discount Plan

We love the Dental Community

We love the dental community…at every level…and we “put our money where our mouth is!”


If you are [or know] a dentist or a dental hygienist, we are happy to treat you, your spouse and your immediate family at no charge!


Furthermore, if you hold an administrative position or are a dental assistant in a regional dental practice, we gladly give you, your spouse and your immediate family a beautiful new smile for 50% off the fee you would normally be charged…and we accept your insurance on top of that!


For further information, contact us today to get started! Call our uncommon office manager 417-265-1114 or Faith, our uncommon practice representative, 417-540-8424.

Thank You For Liking Us!

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach 4000 Likes (and 5000 Check-Ins) even before our 2nd Anniversary! We are honored and humbled by the amazing (and uncommon) people we have met in the last couple years who have made our practice truly UNCOMMON.
Facebook Checkins and Likes UCO-FB Check-ins FINAL-01
We are already booking new patient appointments far into the summer, so PLEASE CALL NOW to get your new patient appointment - or tell a friend! 
We have been working hard to keep our fees at the 2015 level for as long as possible, but our fees will be increasing after August 31, 2016…another reason to CALL TODAY and make your new patient appointment.  Lock in the 2015 fees before they are gone.
Patient Portal Image

Uncommon Communication

Uncommon Communication…for Everyone!

If you find that you have questions for us, we try to make communication uncommonly easy! If you need to make an appointment, you may call the office (417-625-1114) at any time – even after hours - because we have a “live” person to answer the phone after hours and on the weekends. You may also message us on Facebook or click the “Request Appointment” button on the Uncommon Ortho website to make an appointment and we will call you right away to make one.


Once you have your new patient appointment, you may always call us at any time or message us on Facebook. You may also visit the Patient Portal to access your account information, pay your bill or check your appointment. You will have received a letter telling you how to access the patient portal…using your patient number and DOB (see graphic below.)

Patient Portal Image

We want to make communication easy and convenient with you regardless of your level of comfort with technology. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment, and we are serious about giving you an excellent experience!


Retainer Replacement Program

Your braces are off and your smile is beautiful…congratulations on a job well done! Now it’s time to keep that smile in perfect order by wearing your retainers. Of course, your original retainers are warranted against defect, but that does not include loss, damage, abuse or theft. In order to help you be successful maintaining your smile, we offer an uncommon answer to those common retainer issues. That answer is our Retainer Replacement Program (RRP.)


For a one-time fee of $189, your retainers can be repaired or replaced up to three times…with a small co-payment that will not change once you become a member. That allows you to replace a retainer quickly for a nominal fee and not interrupt the retention of your smile!


Make it easy on yourself…learn more on the link below and become a RRP Member today!


Head for the Shelter Tornado Safety

Head for the Shelter!

After the Joplin tornado, many more businesses and homes installed a storm shelter for the safety of their clients and families. We also thought it was important to have a tornado shelter when we built out the space for Uncommon Orthodontics! However, we took a lesson from the school system and started having tornado drills (check out a video of one of our recent drills.)

We did not stop there though…we also use our shelter for Intruder Safety drills! It is important to us that our patients feel an uncommon level of safety and security when they are with us, whether from weather-related issues or from the unlikely event of a potentially violent or dangerous situation. We have a team member who is our designated safety officer and who is responsible for enforcing our safety protocols for these possibilities. You can be confident that we are “on it” for your safety and security!

Uncommon Orthodontics Facebook likes

Thank You for Your Uncommon “Likes”

We are proud to announce that we have passed 3000 “likes” and “check-ins” on our Uncommon Facebook page…after opening our doors a little more than a year ago! WOW!!! You are amazing and we thank you all so very much!


We are so thankful for your trust and the confidence that you continue to show in us. We promise to continue caring for you with “uncommon” excellence, and ask that you would:


  • “Like” us on Facebook if you have not done so yet
  • Always “check in” on Facebook when you are at the office
  • Share your experience with your friends (and earn BIG rewards for referrals in with #TheExtraSmile program
  • If you have been thinking about braces, give us a call! We would be honored to serve you. (Schedule your appointment here – or call us at 417-625-1114.)


Once again, thank you for giving us the chance to serve you! You make US smile! #uncommonsmiles


After Hours Services Uncommon Orthodontics

After Hours Services: We R Here 4 U!


At Uncommon Orthodontics, we value the importance of human contact! As a result, we have an uncommon service for you…we call it our “After Hours” service. When you call our number after five o’clock and on weekends, you will reach Ashley, who will sort out what you need and take care of it. Since Ashley handles all of the call volume on the evenings and weekends, you might need to leave a message for her [or even try again]; but she should return your call promptly. No more “press 1 if you are a new patient, press 2 if you are an existing patient, etc.…live assistance!”

Ashley can help you if you need to:

  • Make a new patient appointment [a great time to be un-hurried]
  • Confirm, reschedule or schedule an existing patient appointment
  • Pay your bill over the phone [always an easy way to pay your bill]
  • Help you with a minor emergency
  • Answer basic questions about your braces
  • Get in touch with one of our orthodontists quickly in case of severe emergency

The importance we place on contacting us after hours can be illustrated by this rare emergency: A family was having special time together before the dad was deployed to Iraq. They were playing “mini golf” in a tourist area two hours from our office when one of their children, a teen in braces, was hit in the face with a golf ball. The resulting injury was scary and painful, and the parents immediately called our office after regular business hours. Within five minutes, Ashley had reached the orthodontist [in this case, Dr. Pickard,] who had called an oral surgeon in their area who promptly took care of the emergency.

Now, that is an extreme case; however, any emergency or patient need is important to us…to that extent! Let us serve you after hours when you need to talk with us! Ashley will be standing by to take care of you. She can be contacted by:

  • Calling the office after hours (417) 625-1114, please leave your number so she can return your call.
  • Using this best number to leave a message any time (417) 529-8479
  • E-mailing her at asmith@uncommonortho.com