Summer Smiles

We love summer!

Get in the Smile Spirit this season with Summer Smiles at Uncommon Orthodontics! Celebrate the lazy season when the days are long and the weather warm. We love to enjoy this time of year when school is out, the pool is open, and you are free to let your summer smile shine! Be sure to grab a pair of UNCOMMON sunglasses at your next orthodontics appointment to celebrate the season!

Selfie Stars

Snap a selfie in your sweet shades and upload it to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show off your summer spirit and UNCOMMON Smile. We love to hear about your summer vacations, staycations, and adventures, so be sure and use our hashtag #UNCOMMONSMILES to share your summer with us and get featured on our page as A Summer Selfie Star!

Frames for Facebook Friends

Want to show your UNCOMMON smile off on Facebook?  Facebook Friends can now use our Uncommon Facebook frames, with themes to showcase your Uncommon smiles, unique styles, and Joplin pride!
Be sure and connect with us by following @UncommonOrtho on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be features. In addition to showcasing your smiles, we also use these methods to keep our UNCOMMON family up to date on current promotions, events, and contests! So be sure to “Like” Uncommon Orthodontics!
Up Next: Back to School Smiles read on to find out how to receive a FREE CONSULTATION and FREE X-RAYS (a savings of $388).

Why Uncommon Orthodontics?

Uncommon Orthodontics believes everyone should have a smile they can be proud of! Unlike other orthodontics practices, we take an uncommon approach to customer care. Check out the uncommon ways we’re helping to change our patients’ lives, one smile at a time.

Affordable Treatment

While the cost of orthodontics can vary, we want all of our patients to get the best smile possible without worrying about how they’re going to pay for it. We will work with you to ensure your payments work within your budget. At Uncommon Orthodontics, we offer zero-down payment plans with 0% interest and no credit check.

We also offer discounts for our colleagues in the dental profession as well as a retainer replacement program to affordably replace or repair lost retainers at a fraction of the price. Retainers are an integral part of treatment because it keeps teeth from returning to their original positions. Keeping up with your retainers can ensure your orthodontic treatment remains a lasting investment.

Easy Scheduling

We know that your time is valuable. That’s why we pride ourselves on running early or on time for each scheduled appointment to get you back to your busy day.

At Uncommon Orthodontics, we truly value human interaction. If you need help after hours, we have a live customer service line available to help you 24/7. No more leaving voicemails that go unanswered until the next business day. We can help you immediately with any minor emergencies, scheduling appointments, paying bills, and any other questions you may have.

Uncommon Results

If you’re looking for a beautiful smile from people who will put your needs first, contact us today! Our goal is to make you a top priority and give you the smile you deserve from people you can trust. We look forward to meeting you soon!

first orthodontic visit

First Orthodontic Visit

The first orthodontic visit should occur when your child is seven years old. At this time, braces may not be necessary. However, we can at least begin monitoring the development of your child’s teeth and jaw bones to ensure everything is progressing as it should. By this age, some of your child’s adult teeth have already begun to erupt, allowing us to evaluate the spacing of permanent teeth and check for any developmental delays or abnormalities.

What to Expect

Before the first appointment, you can help your child prepare by letting them know what to expect at the initial consultation. Right when you walk through our doors, we will greet you and help you feel right at home in our comfortable waiting area. When we call you back, we will take your child to get photos taken of their teeth as well as digital x-rays. During this time, you can complete our new patient forms on our iPads if you weren’t able to complete them at home.

After we finish the x-rays and photos, we will take your child back to the new patient room where you will be waiting for your child. We fully encourage you to stay in the new patient room throughout the consultation to be there for your child and so we can answer any questions you may have.

Once in the new patient room, our new patient specialist will go over your child’s medical and dental history with you. Then, our orthodontist will perform a thorough exam, looking inside your child’s mouth and reviewing the photos and x-rays to evaluate the teeth and jaw bones. During this time, the orthodontist will explain any problems, how to fix them, and how long treatment should take.

At the end of the consultation, we will discuss treatment fees and answer any questions you may have. In certain cases, if no cleaning or dental work from your family dentist is necessary, we may be able to begin treatment after this appointment.

Contact Us

If you’re ready to schedule your FREE initial consultation, contact us today!

Facebook Frames

Introducing Uncommon Facebook Frames!

Uncommon Orthodontics is now offering a new way for you to express yourself, celebrate your smile, and support your Joplin community!

The newest feature for our Uncommon Facebook Friends includes a variety of fun Facebook frames, with themes to showcase your Uncommon smiles, unique styles, and Joplin pride!

At Uncommon Orthodontics, we celebrate the diversity of our community and the uniqueness of you. We are honored to be a part of your UNCOMMON journey, and we are excited to be able to offer yet another way for you to showcase your smile and highlight your UNCOMMON adventure.

Don’t Follow Uncommon Orthodontics on Facebook?

We want to be your Friend! Add us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on our latest news and offers! Be sure to tag us in your UNCOMMON smile photos and try out our new Facebook Frames to add an extra dash of UNCOMMON to your smile.

Want to join the UNCOMMON Family?

Our UNCOMMON approach to Orthodontic treatment includes providing our patients with a TEAM of highly trained orthodontists and dentists to care for your UNCOMMON smile. We understand that every mouth is different with its own set of challenges and unique needs. That is why our team of doctors works with you to create a customized plan just for you.

Whether you choose traditional braces or Invisalign clear aligners, we promise to work with you to craft your very best smile.

Contact our office today to set up your FREE smile consultation.

Worried about the cost of Braces?

It is our belief that EVERYONE deserves a beautiful and healthy smile. That is why we offer our UNCOMMON payment options! Orthodontics, paying for your new smile is easier than ever. We have multiple payment options to fit your family’s budget.

Our payment options include:

  • No down payment
  • 0%-interest financing
  • No credit check

Whatever your financial situation, we want to help you achieve your new smile! Come in for your FREE consultation and let us help you find a plan that works for you!

oral hygiene

BTech: Brushing with Braces

Proper teeth cleaning can be hard to do with braces! But good oral hygiene is an essential part of your orthodontic success, and so we’ve created a simple, step-by-step guide to help you keep that UNCOMMON smile bright and healthy!

To start: place a pea size drop of toothpaste on your brush. Next, place the toothbrush against your teeth at a slight angle to help get the bristles around your brackets while brushing. Move your brush in a circular motion to be sure to get all the nooks and crevices as well as the hard to reach places created by your wires and brackets. Don’t forget to brush the backs of your teeth as well!

Doctors recommend you brush your teeth for 2 whole minutes. That can seem like a really long time, so we've put together a list of our favorite 2 minute songs to help you pass the time and jam out while brushing!

Once your teeth are thoroughly brushed, move on to the mouthwash! Mouthwash helps kill any germs or bacteria left in your mouth after brushing, and is an important part of your oral hygiene routine! Good news is this is the easy part! Just place a capful (or 2 tablespoons if you aren’t using the cap) in your mouth and swish it around for 1 whole minute. Do your best to make sure you get the mouthwash on all of your teeth, gargle, and spit! Remember: never swallow mouthwash!

Now on to everyone’s favorite part: flossing! Flossing can be difficult with braces, and there are several nifty tools you can use instead of traditional floss to make the process more convenient. BUT if you are using the good ol’ fashion string of floss, try threading it through a needle to help get the string in all those hard to reach places. Go on both sides of your tooth in a “C” shaped motion to “scoop out” all the tough little bits wedged between your teeth.

If you have appliances, does this still apply to you? YES! Your appliances are in your mouth, so they need to be brushed! Even your retainer will start to smell bad if not kept clean. Plus, it’s a breeding ground for bacteria when not properly cleaned. YUCK!

Consistency matters!

You have to brush your teeth everyday! We do our part to make smiles possible, but you have to do your part too! Brush, floss, and gargle after every meal!

2018 Fees

A Message From Uncommon

2018 is now in full swing and Uncommon Orthodontics has been holding the line for you! That is, we've continued to offer 2017 fees for as long into 2018 as we can. Uncommon Orthodontics is excited to announce we will continue to hold fees at the 2017 rates through May 2018. But you need to hurry! To lock in the 2017 fees, contracts must be signed by May 31, 2018, AND patients must start their treatment by the end of August. This means new patients must have signed their contract by the designated date, and started treatment by August 31st 2018 to lock in their guaranteed lowest rates!

Please note that there will be an increase in fees this year, so now is the time to get started on that new smile! Whether you are a new patient or one who has delayed starting, we encourage you to plan that new smile into your budget now!


Whether you’ve never been to our office or are a long time member of the Uncommon Family, you should know that we are CONSTANTLY working to make your new smile attainable and affordable. That is why at Uncommon Orthodontics we always offer our ZERO down payments, ZERO interest; ZERO financing fees, and ZERO credit check standards, because at Uncommon Orthodontics, affordable braces are the cornerstone of our UNCOMMON financial protocol.

We promise that even after the necessary modest increase; the team at Uncommon Orthodontics will continue to work our very hardest to make your new smile possible, Joplin! Regardless of your financial situation, Uncommon Orthodontics believes that you deserve a beautiful smile, and we promise to continue to work our very hardest to provide that for our community.

In addition to our flexible policies and low fees, we also offer a very generous referral program for patients who recommend Uncommon Orthodontics to their friends and family!

Contact us today for more information or to schedule your free consultation! Call today to lock in your lowest rates before they are gone forever!


New Year, New Damon™ Smile Brackets!

You may be wondering why your brackets are changing. Want to know more about this UNCOMMON upgrade? Read on!

What is Damon Smile?

Damon Smile is a line of braces that straighten teeth, correct bites, and help improve smiles quickly and easily. Traditional braces are tied in place with elastics, which cause friction and pressure and often result in slower, less comfortable treatment. Damon Smile uses an innovative slide mechanism to hold the wire in place, therefore allowing teeth to move freely, quickly, and comfortably.

What is the benefit to me?

Because there are no elastic ties that need tightening, treatment is more efficient and more comfortable than with traditional braces. Also, you will find that teeth are easier to keep clean throughout treatment because the wires move freely within the brackets. Additionally, Damon braces are extremely small and less noticeable than traditional braces.

Am I starting over? Will this add time to my treatment?

No, adults and teens can undergo Damon Smile treatment to more comfortably transform their smile in less time with fewer appointments.

Why are my brackets changing?

At Uncommon Orthodontics, our practice is constantly evolving to provide patients with the best possible treatment. The advanced technology integrated into Damon Smile allows us to effectively treat patients without adding time, and in many cases, reducing treatment length.

If this is more advanced technology, will this increase the cost?

There are no additional charges for your treatment. This upgrade is a result of our practice striving to provide the latest treatment options while remaining affordable for our patients.

If you have additional questions about your new brackets, call our office at (417) 625-1114.

New Year and UNCOMMON News

Looking back on 2017, we can say simply that it was a year of change at Uncommon Orthodontics. We appreciate every patient, parent and referring dentist, along with the entire Joplin community, for continuing to support our practice and be a part of the Uncommon Family during this time of transition and change.

With the New Year comes a new set of changes. We are so excited to announce the next chapter in our uncommon journey and share our New Year’s News! We are welcoming THREE new doctors to the Uncommon Orthodontics team! 

Welcome Dr. Dake, Dr. Field and Dr. Sharp to the Uncommon Family!

This team of experienced doctors has come together to provide patients with stable and specialized care while also bringing the UNCOMMON guarantee of overseeing the individual care of each patient.

What to Expect

We are confident that this dynamic team of doctors provides the senior clinical leadership and conservative approach to orthodontics that align with the vision and passion Dr. P. had for Uncommon. Their progressive approach to orthodontics, as well as their conservative philosophy of non-extraction and arch development, align with the vision of Uncommon Orthodontics.

What we are bringing to 2018: a competent and passionate doctor team that will work daily to continue Dr. P’s legacy through their dedication to excellence and continuation of care for the office and the Joplin community.

What Won’t Change?

Joplin’s UNCOMMON spirit and Dr. P’s unparalleled passion is still the heart and soul of Uncommon Orthodontics.

Uncommon Orthodontics remains committed to the vision and legacy of Dr. P. In 2018 we will continue to offer every patient the same opportunity for an UNCOMMONLY beautiful smile through our low fees, (including no down payment, no interest, and low monthly payments) an office that is open 5 days a week to serve your needs, and UNCOMMONLY great service.

Thank you, Joplin

Thank you Joplin for reaching out to us and embracing us as a part of the community. Our heart is in the Joplin community, and the team at Uncommon Orthodontics is blessed to have a New Year to continue providing the opportunity and affordability of UNCOMMON Smiles to everyone. We continue to move forward with Dr. P’s dream of providing Uncommon Care for the community, and we are very excited to usher in the next chapter of our UNCOMMON journey.

patient rewards

Uncommon Rewards


At Uncommon Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the very best care possible. From our skilled and knowledgeable staff to our state-of-the-art equipment, the Uncommon team prides themselves on the care and quality each patient receives.

Patient Cooperation

Treatment success relies on patient cooperation. By brushing regularly and well, following appliance instructions for expansion, wearing elastics properly, avoiding breakage and obeying retainer guidelines, patients can ensure they are doing their part to maximize their results. That is why we work to get parents and patients to partner with us and work as a team. We all want the same outcome: a big, beautiful, healthy smile!

The more closely orthodontist's instructions are followed, the more likely treatment time will decrease and quality of outcome will be increase. To encourage patient cooperation, Uncommon Orthodontics offers incentives to encourage you along the way.  Patients earn rewards by keeping appointments on time, brushing with excellence, following doctor instructions, and joining us on social media!

Uncommon Rewards

Prizes include t-shirts, travel mugs, sunglasses, flashlights, gift cards and more! We like to stock “something for everyone” and are constantly looking for more cool…and uncommon…rewards! We want your help as we journey through “braces world” and look forward to celebrating your child’s smile together! We are accepting new patient appointments now. Give us a call!

young patients

Calling All Secret Agents!

The Uncommon Kid's Club gets young patients excited about being a part of the Uncommon orthodontics family while helping them learn positive habits to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Sometimes when our “under 10” patients come in for their first appointment, parents and doctors agree to hold off on beginning treatment (too many baby teeth, too young, etc.), but the Uncommon Orthodontics team understands the importance of our young patients and wants to ensure these kids remain active members of the UNCOMMON family, and that is why these young patients are invited to join the UNCOMMON “Kids’ Club” and become Secret Agents!

When a young patient signs up for our kids club, they automatically become one of our Secret Agents, receiving a packet filled with missions, secret agent files, Kids’ Club referral cards for their friends, PLUS a unique “Kids Club Disguise“ tee-shirt and other cool prizes when they complete missions! And when parent's sign the consent form, kids can earn additional prizes for sharing their adventures on social media! Our staff favorite activity is the finger-printing for the “Secret Agent ID Card.”

At Uncommon Orthodontics, our “patients-in-waiting” are very important to us and we are excited to offer the Kids’ Club program. The Kid's Club is specially designed engage our young patient's imaginations and get them excited about being part of the Uncommon Orthodontics family while gently helping them develop positive habits to maintain healthy teeth and gums and ensuring they have the strong foundation they need to get the most out of their orthodontic care.

Contact us today for more information, or to schedule an appointment! The staff at Uncommon Orthodontics is excited to work with you and your family, and we look forward to welcoming you to our UNCOMMON family.

Click HERE  to read about our finace options and payment plans!