At Uncommon Orthodontics, we offer braces for patients of all ages! For early treatment, we like to see children for an initial appointment between seven and nine years of age. Since there is no charge for an initial appointment, we would, in most cases, enter them into our Recare system and keep an eye on them every six months to be sure that there are no challenges that we must address immediately. Rest assured, if there is anything that needs immediate attention, we will begin treatment now. If not, we will place your child will in recare, and they can also become a member of our Secret Agent Club and our Uncommon Orthodontics family while they are growing into an age that is right for them to begin treatment.

Braces for Adults

Have you ever considered braces? What about invisible braces? If you always wanted to fix your smile but the time just wasn’t right, it is not too late! Did you know that 25% of orthodontic patients throughout the USA are adults? Let us show you what your smile needs and how affordable braces are with us. Of course, there is no charge for your initial exam, either.

If you have received a diagnosis from another orthodontist and have questions, we are more than happy to offer a second opinion for you at no charge and with no obligation. Just be sure to tell our receptionist that you are seeking a second opinion and bring your records with you.

Sometimes patients have had braces, but their smile got out of control. Maybe a retainer was lost or wisdom teeth came in and crowded the teeth again. Whatever the cause, we can provide treatment under our SmileSync program that will realign teeth and help keep them in place with new retainers.

SmileSync treatments take less time than a traditional treatment and are very affordable, but they are only designed for patients who have previously been in braces.