Early Treatment is Key!

We like to see children between seven and nine years of age. This is in line with the recommendations from the American Association of Orthodontists. In most cases, early treatment is not required. But sometimes, we can provide services to make the treatment easier later on or to head off problems that will only get worse with time.

We use myofunctional training, which includes removable and fixed appliances and speech therapy. We use these in limited and specific cases, and when the problem is more difficult, we refer to other professionals. While braces are still necessary, we can greatly reduce the length of time spent in them.

Occasionally, a child can greatly benefit from early braces. In these circumstances, patients are typically finished with early braces in about a year. Full orthodontic treatment will always follow early braces, and there are two separate contracts for each type.

We have a lot of experience in determining what the best course of treatment for you child will be and will only use early treatment if it is needed. Most patients will begin their braces between ten and twelve years of age, when their baby teeth have all been lost.