Once your braces are off, it is always important to wear your retainer! It protects your beautiful smile, helps it to “settle in,” and keeps it in place for you. Some teeth move more than others, but you MUST RETAIN YOUR SMILE.

We use Hawley (plastic and wire) and Essix (clear plastic) retainers. You will receive one set of upper and lower Hawleys and one set of upper and lower Essix retainers when we remove your braces. Some orthodontists always use fixed retainers, but we believe they create more problems than they solve.

Patients routinely lose their retainers and are afraid to tell their parents. Since you know that you MUST retain your smile, we have a program that will take the pressure off from loss or damage: our Retainer Replacement Program (RRP).

Your retainers are warranted against defect and workmanship for a period of six months after they are delivered. This warranty is included in your total contract.

However, it does not cover loss, damage, or abuse from carelessness.

For a one-time fee, you will receive a certificate that entitles you to participate in the program for three sets (or six units—over a $700+ value for each set). A small co-payment applies to each arch and as long as you have not used your three sets, there is no expiration date. For more details, click the link above.