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Orthodontist Sofyan Sayfo Talks Teeth with Magic Mix 92.9February 22, 2024

Originally published at on on February 21st, 2024.

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Nurturing Smiles: A Comprehensive Guide to Children’s Dental HealthFebruary 1, 2024

Establish Healthy Habits Early: Recognizing that children with cavities in their baby teeth are three times…

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We Are Live – visit our new websiteApril 19, 2022

We are SO excited to announce our NEW Uncommon Orthodontics website is LIVE! We redesigned the…

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Updated COVID-19 Safety MeasuresApril 6, 2022

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it has always been our top priority to keep you safe when…

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Uncommon Orthodontics Sponsors Joplin School Athletics Halftime ShowFebruary 15, 2022

Uncommon Orthodontics, a clinic affiliated with Rock Dental Brands, partnered with Joplin School District as the…

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World Kindness DayNovember 11, 2021

In honor of World Kindness Day, Uncommon Orthodontics is partnering with Westrock Orthodontics across Arkansas, Missouri…

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How we’re keeping you safe during COVID-19June 15, 2021

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift, it is still our top priority to keep you safe…

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Celebrating Women’s History MonthMarch 12, 2021

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we are shining a spotlight on the wonderful female orthodontists at…

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How we’re keeping you safe during COVID-19July 30, 2020

As we resume seeing patients with non-urgent dental needs in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdown,…

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Braces FAQsDecember 17, 2019

Can I brush my teeth before my appointment? Yes! If you have a bracket that is…

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Teeth Cleaning And CareDecember 17, 2019

The American Dental Association recommends the following for good oral hygiene: If you have braces, rinse…

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Foods To Avoid With BracesDecember 17, 2019

Sticky Foods: Licorice Sugar daddies Toffee Tootsie rolls Caramels Starburst Laffy taffy Hard Foods: Ice Nuts…

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