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How we’re keeping you safe during COVID-19
As we resume seeing patients with non-urgent dental needs in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdown, we want to lay out for our patients exactly what we are doing to keep you safe as you return to our clinic for your de…
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Braces FAQs
Can I brush my teeth before my appointment? Yes! If you have a bracket that is loose or broken, we suggest that you continue to brush as normal. We also suggest that you do not brush immediately before getting brac…
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Teeth Cleaning And Care
The American Dental Association recommends the following for good oral hygiene: If you have braces, rinse your mouth out with water first to clear and loose particles out of your teeth or braces.  Brush your t…
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Foods To Avoid With Braces
Sticky Foods: Gum Licorice Sugar daddies Toffee Tootsie rolls Caramels Starburst Laffy taffy Hard Foods: Ice Nuts Hard taco shells French bread crust/rolls Corn on the cob Apples and carrots Bagels Chips Jolly Ranc…
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